Basketball Camp: Our fun shooting and ball handling games will remind you of why basketball is such a great way to challenge yourself and honor God with your abilities. The skills you will learn will help to improve your game while also providing great ideas on how to become a fantastic teammate! Players need to bring their own basketballs. (Grades 1-3 only) Ready, Willing, & Able Camp:  This camp highlights what our community helpers do on a day to day basis while putting God at the center of their profession. A service project will be completed to help other kids in our community. 
Crafts Galore Camp: Come learn how to create fun and unique crafts that allow you to express your creative heart while glorifying Jesus! Enjoy gluing, coloring, and creatively designing your own special masterpiece while learning that “YOU” are God’s masterpiece created in His image! Oh, and there may be some ymmy treats included, too!! Puppets Camp:  Learn the basics of puppetry and perform nightly during assembly time to your favorite worship songs like the “Go Fish Guys”! Puppets are a great way to engage other kids during worship time and is a lifelong skill that can be used to share your faith. 
Cookies Camp:  Want to learn to mix, bake, and decorate- then cookie camp is just the thing. Join us as we learn about mixing the dough, baking and decorating different kinds of cookies. Hope to see you there.  Ultimate Survival Camp:  Ultimate Survival Camp is crafted to sharpen your skills in archery, food preparation by fire, and other outdoor skills. God designed man to explore and thrive on Earth but because we live in a broken world that can be tough. Come learn more about how God has enabled us to live victoriously. (Grades 3-6 only)
Dance Camp: Boys and Girls of every age will have fun learning to move to the Rhythm of Dance! Learn hip hop beats, partnering and dance choreography! Find out that there is even greater Joy when you learn to know the Artist who created Dance from the very beginning! Photography Camp: God is an awesome creator and His beautiful things are EVERYWHERE! Do you love to take pictures? Would you love to learn more techniques to capture those beautiful moments and people in your life? This camp is for YOU!! Please bring your own point and shoot or favorite camera. (Grades 3-6 only)
Cupcake Camp:  Cupcakes are sweet and so is God’s love. At cupcake camp we will mix, bake and decorate cupcakes of various types and do it all for the Glory of God!  Science Camp: This year it is all about rockets! You will make and launch three different types of rockets and learn about the science of how your rocket will travel hundreds of feet in the air. 
Exploring the Great Outdoors Camp: Join us for an adventure into God’s wonderful creation where we will hike in the forest for a scavenger hunt, splash in a stream and catch crayfish and insects, and go for a boat trip on a lake and go fishing! Sewing Camp:  Come and learn some basics about sewing or put the things you know about sewing into practice as we make a project or two or maybe even three. We will repurpose a pair of jeans into an apron, old tee shirts into headbands and maybe even make a game out of felt and some buttons. We will use a sewing machine for basic construction and hand sewing to add details. 
Flag Football Camp:  Skills, Drills, Games, and a Guest Speaker every night!! Learn Flag football basics and how to play the game!  Soccer Camp: Those who attend will learn and improve basic soccer skills – including passing, trapping, and shooting – through active drills and playing soccer scrimmages. Campers need to bring their own soccer ball
Woodworking Camp: We will be learning the basics fundamentals of safety and woodworking. Campers will build their own projects that they can take home! We will learn how to build our relationship with Jesus on a firm foundation. In addition, the older kids will have the opportunity to complete a project to help some in need in our community!! Worship Camp:  Do you love to sing and be on stage? Join us as we learn new songs and learn how to lead others in worshipping Jesus through singing throughout the week. (Grades 3-6 only)

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