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Great Commission Partners

The Great Commission Partner is the designated link between the church and the missionary for communication and prayer.  Though the missionaries have several prayer partners in the church with whom they communicate, the Great Commission Partner is commissioned by the church to coordinate this communication and report the needs of the missionary to the Missionary Care team, which will ensure that these needs are known and followed-up by those responsible in the church.  These needs include prayer and support needs, as well as coordinating missionary visits to the church.

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Short Term Missions Trips

Do you realize that the Apostle Paul's ministry consisted of many short-term mission trips? It's been calculated that Paul went on nineteen such trips!

One example is Philippi. In several days he cast out a demon from a slave girl, got arrested, beaten, and put in prison, baptized two families and then was asked to leave the city. The result? The Church of the Philippians. Paul spent three weeks in Thessalonica until he was thrown out of the city. The result? The Church of the Thessalonians. As you can see, the Holy Spirit can do much in a short time.

Short Term Mission Trips give you the opportunity to plant yourself into the nations of the world, locally and globally, and see what God will do!

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Steps to Long Term Missions

In light of the mandate of the Great Commission to reach out to “all nations” (Matthew 28:19), with a desire to join the movement of the Holy Spirit among the worldwide Body of Christ in targeting the “least reached”, and after much prayer and discussion, the Pastoral Leadership Team has developed a Mission Action Plan for those who wish to join Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church's mission staff.

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