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Fight Club is a men's discipleship and leadership devlopment tool.  Fight Club is about Jesus.

Fight Club is about men fighting for their families, their children, and their integrity. Today's culture makes faithfulness, purity and family values a challenge.  If we are not purposeful about how we live, we can slide into a meaningless life we never aimed for.  And our families suffer for it.
In Fight Club, assignments and expectations are given—a creed is signed that each man must live by or they will strike out of the group.  The assignments have to do with strengthening relationships, getting in physical shape, getting right with God, and growing in wisdom and knowledge. 

By joining Fight Club you will be choosing to fight alongside other men who are on the same journey.  Are you ready for this 12-week challenge?

If you say YES, or you just want to know more, make it a PRIORITY to join us for the Kick-Off ON FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 6th at 11:30pm.  The location is Baker Youth Club (765 W. Market St, Warsaw).  Wear clothes to be active!  Questions?  Contact the church office 574-267-6623.

Check out Matt Johnson's challenge:


1-26-2014 Matt & Rachel Johnson - Fight Club interview from wl grace on Vimeo.

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Join us in September for the next round of Fight Club.  Click HERE to learn more about Fight Club at WLGBC.  Or visit fightclub414.com