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Missions and Evangelism Pastor

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Jay served on the pastoral staff of the Long Beach Grace Brethren Church before the Bells made a “cross-cultural leap” from L.A. to Winona Lake in 1991 to go on staff with Grace Brethren International Missions. Jay currently serves as the Director of Internationals-USA.

Football allegiance? 
My allegiance is with Jesus! As in “Touchdown Jesus!” Fight-on Notre Dame! 

What is your favorite song? 
I’m sure you meant songs. “The Rose” by Bett Midler, “Surfin’ USA” by the Beach Boys and “Yahweh” by Terry Butler. 

What's the best book you read last year? 
Lone Survivor. It’s the story of Marcus Luttrell and Seal Team 10 in Afghanistan. It’s a story of training, commitment, sacrifice, raw courage and hope against all odds with many good parallels to our spiritual battle. 

What are you passionate about? 
Jesus! Jan! My children and grandchildren! Mexican food! Giving the “least reached” nations an opportunity to hear about spiritual freedom, spiritual truth, and spiritual light!

How did you come to know Jesus? 
It was on March 17, 1970. I was a year-and-a-half out of Viet Nam and attending Cal State, University, Long Beach. I was one messed-up guy! I gave my life to Jesus after listening to a former Black Panther give his testimony from the Free Speech Platform. There I was…sitting against a tree on the lawn in front of the bookstore, eating a peanut butter & jelly sandwich and listening to James Weston give his testimony from the Free Speech Platform. I responded at 12:50 PM.

Tell me about your family.
Jan and I have been blessed with a son named Steve, a daughter named Kristin, a son-in-law named Dave (Jones), and two grandchildren: Katie and Josh. 

What is your vision for our church? 
My vision is my singular prayer for our church: I long for the day when the Worship Team bursts out in tears because they are looking at everyone during the Worship Service belting out their singing with total abandonment regardless of personality or preference. Why? Because God is very clear in his Word that “worship” is the fuel and goal of reaching the lost. If we are ever going to reach our city and world, then our church is going to have to forget themselves and immerse themselves into the worship of God. Why? You cannot commend what you don’t cherish!

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