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Proclamation Pastor

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Kip and Mary met at Grace College and subsequently served as church-planters for a decade in Berlin, Germany. 

Football allegiance? 
Go, Irish!

What is your favorite song? 
Just about any one by Michael Card.

What's the best book you read last year ?
The End of Reason by Ravi Zacharias because ministry in Germany taught me to love apologetics, because I read everything that Ravi writes, and because it is short enough to read in one sitting.

What are you passionate about?
Understanding how the Bible relates to life, my wife and two boys, one day experiencing the incomparable thrill of worshipping Jesus face-to-face with a perfectly pure heart, and helping others long for this, too.

How did you come to know Jesus? 
Right here in and through this church family when I was just a little boy. It’s been a steady, if bumpy, growing experience ever since then.

Tell me about your family. 
Mary is a great wife, mom, and school psychologist in Goshen. Somehow, she’s able to manage all of that with grace. We have two very different but very enjoyable sons: Taylor and Lucas.

What is your vision for our church? 
I want each person in our church to delight in God and desire Him more than anything else.